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We Welcome Your Donation​

Our Purpose

​At Sacrifice For Liberation Inc. we believe in the power of investing in youth beyond structural, punitive, and systemic approaches. We partner with and walk alongside youth who have been involved in the juvenile justice and foster care systems, youth who have been victims and survivors of human trafficking, youth who have experienced homelessness and mental health needs and stigma. We meet youth and young adults where they are and work with them through transformational relationships to inspire, empower, and equip them.

Sacrifice For Liberation Inc. creates opportunities through authentic investment with our tiny home villages, peer mentoring/coaching programs, life planning, incentive programs, education scholarships, leadership development, and employment.  With our holistic approach we are eliminating the oppression of system impacted young people and we are building a culture of inclusion and liberation through healing, and honoring our humanity. Together we are building and utilizing our power to advocate for the liberation of ourselves, our community, and each other.

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